Blairadam Shooting Association

  • For the current calendar: 
  • Where the safety flags are to be placed 
  • A note concerning range damage, and how to prevent same 
  • Also March 2018, the BSA decided ....
    1. The track approaching and at the 300 yard point will be levelled, stabilized and dressed. Consequently for a period yet to be determined following this work, there will be no vehicular access beyond the 300 yard point.
    2. Beginning immediately; only four wheel drive vehicles with appropriate tyres will be allowed access beyond the 500 yard point.
    3. Said vehicles will not make repeated trips up and down the range - as much kit as possible should be loaded.
  • All range users are responsible for repairing the sand following range use.



The BSA is not F&K, nor vica versa.  However F&K shoots on the Blairadam range which is controlled by the BSA - i.e. there is an overlap and an abutment of interests. The BSA controls access to its facility for a number of local shooting clubs.  The F&K web-master is also the is bookings' officer for the BSA and such BSA thinks it appropriate that F&K host this page.

Current Bookings

Members of the public should not enter the range during the hours noted, nor whenever the range is in use, i.e. the warning flags are flying.

The provional programme for 2019 is available here,  last updated 22 November 2018

Contacting the BSA to make a range booking

The Blairadam Shooting Association runs the Blairadam range. The Blairadam range offers one the few full-bore shooting facilities in central Scotland, and bookings can be made with the confidence that there will not be last minute cancellations due to changing military priorities. Further the range is not encumbered with recent energy control procedures.


Shooting clubs wishing to use the facility should either:

For those clubs who have shot on the range before should contact the BSA's Booking secretary. The BSA's bookings' officer's email address is:-


For those clubs who have not shot on the range before should contact the BSA's secretary who will evaluate their application.  Primarily adequate insurance cover etc. The BSA's secretary's email address is:-