How to join


New/non-FAC holders

Each year the Club applies to the Regional Police permission to hold a number of 'Guest' days. This gives the Police the opportunity to attend such days as they deem necessary. It is during 'Guest' days that beginners may attend. Consult the Programme page for a list of 'Guest' dates.

Beginners will be supervised at all times by an appointed experienced Full Club Member and must follow their instructions.

All shooting clubs including Fife & Kinross Full-Bore Rifle Club have specific membership requirements that new members must meet before they can join. This includes being sponsored by an existing club member. Before being granted full membership, beginners will usually have to go through a 'probationary period' minimum of three months. This probationary period may be waived if the applicant is already a Full Member of an Approved Shooting Club (such details will be verified). As part of the application process and probationary period, you'll need to let the club know if you've ever tried to apply for a firearm or shotgun certificate and been rejected. You will also be required to provide 'Referees' to verify your character (such details will also be verified).

Police are very aware of the possibility of people joining a club so that they can own a firearm, and keep in contact with approved clubs (in Scotland it's by the Scottish Executive). For this reason, the club will keep track of how often members attend club shoots. If a probationer/member hasn't shot at the club for 12 months, the police will be told of this, and will investigate accordingly.

If you have attended many of the Club shoots during the probationary period and shown to be of a safe and reliable personage, the Club Committee will make a decision as to whether you will be granted Full Membership. If on the other hand this is not the case you will be refused Membership. In either case the Police will be informed as to the outcome.

On becoming a Full Member and you are subsequently granted a Firearms Certificate (N.B one of the FAC Application Form Referees must an Official of the Club) by your local Police Authority thence obtain you own firearm you are required to have its use logged by the Club at each of the shoots you use it at.

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